Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Piece of Advice

This semester has been great with Angie! She is a great teacher, and is always willing to help you out! Make sure if you have any problems or need something to let her know because she is very easy to work with and understanding. I suggest that you do all of your assignments, and turn then in on time. The class is easy if you do what is asked of you. Also, make sure that you attend your cohorts if you take English 304 with Angie online, and participate in the discussions. Angie really wants all of her students to succeed; so complete all of your assignments and work well with your other group members and you will be set! Best of luck to you next semester!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ethics- Dr. Jack Kevorkian

What little I knew about Dr. Kevorkian was just that he was famous for assisted suicide, but I had no idea of the cruel intentions he has held since he was young. Some of the things the human race does for "the name of science" never ceases to amaze me. It seemed like the more I kept reading about Jack's personal life and thoughts the harder it was to believe that a person could have these ideas. For instance, his lack of concern for a convicted criminal's life. Now, I know they are going to die and have committed a really bad crime, but that does not allow another human to take their life into their own hands. He wanted to perform medical experiments on them because he felt that that was all they were basically good for. Some people like him must just despise the human race, or find sick joy in tormenting and watching torment in other people's lives.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ethics in the workplace

Of course there are going to be times in every person's life where they have to choose between right and wrong, but in all honesty I think it has to do with what that person thinks instead of what someone else tells them. For me personally, someone could tell me what the company expects and how I should perform, but unless I personally hold those same standards then I'm going to do what I'm thinking. A lot of people in the cut throat world of business choose the option that proves most beneficial to them, no matter the cost. This is definitely sad because of the lack of ethics our country has today, and I think that this article shows how troubled employees are. I do agree with the article concerning the issue of "who to tell." I would definitely see the challenge in who to tell, and how to deal with a situation being a huge issue for companies and dilemmas. It seems there are three kinds of people; those who are out for only personal gain, those with defiant standards, and those that are unsure about everything.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Web vs. Paper

In today's time there aren't many papers you find that are not connected in some way to a computer or the net. Even though our portal for writing and sharing has changed, the actual intentions of writing have not. When people write they are always going to be expressing a feeling or some type of opinion. Also, everyone wants what they are looking for to be at their fingertips, and therefore like what they are reading to quickly reveal the point. We still reveal the topic of our writing pretty soon in a paper, but having a paper on the web allows for people to search for exactly what they are looking forward. The availability of information has drastically changed with the web. Like everything, the style of writing has somewhat changed. Writing in papers are usually more formal than what you find on the web. Now days, people write everything on the web, and resort to shorthand notations. Also, when it comes to writing on the web many people pay less attention to grammatical mistakes as well. As for transferring a document that is formerly read on paper to the web, you have got to be careful that the layout and design are not changed drastically. Also, if you are typing it instead of scanning something, you have to be careful with small grammatical mistakes and leaving information out. Writing in general remains relatively the same, but as time goes on we continue to add our own flare to our writing on the web.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This semester has turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, and basically summer cannot come soon enough! SB was just a tease to me because now that I'm back I have no motivation. Plus I know the next month is going to be a crucial hell. I'm an accounting major who has discovered that the finance part sucks! My finance class is ridiculously hard, and now I've basically got to stomp out a B on my final exam just to pass the class! I have never struggled so hard with a class before, and especially have not done so poorly in a class. This is definitely new, and I really don't like it! Summer has seriously got to hurry up!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cheating your way out of a job?

I think that the article was very interesting and informative. I never knew that so many people lied about their experience on a resume. I get that someone just out of college might add an extra activity they didn't actually particate in or something, but actually lying about the type of degree you received is just plain stupid. For one, if you exaggerate your qualifications then you probably are going to be expected to complete what you say you can, and then time comes and you look like an idiot because you have no idea what you are doing! Being under qualified for a job and getting it would be horrible because it might be something that you can't just pretend to be good at. I definitely think it is a dumb idea for people to lie on their resumes about major things like education, past job history, as well as qualifications because we live in the world of the internet where employers can check up on you! Not to mention the unethical side of the issue.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Reflection on Choices

My group decided to choose a theme park to put together our business plan for. I think this is a great idea because it seems like something that meshes well with Second Life. When I think about operating a theme park within Second Life, I think about other computer games like the Sims that have theme parks in some of their games. Most of the people who use Second Life are gamers who probably like other computers games such as the Sims, so I think that a theme park would be very profitable. I like this idea because it is something fun, potentially profitable, and a compliment to Second Life.